Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Organized

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Anyone who knows me knows that I'm no June Cleaver. I am a pack rat. And I hate that! I have a million things laying around because I don't know what do with them. Piles of paper, trinkets, pictures waiting for an album, projects waiting to be finished, decorations waiting to be hung... the list goes on. My husband says our house looks "lived in." I don't want that house. I want a neat and orderly home full of precious momentos and beauty. Check out Home is Where the Heart Is if you want to see perfection. I don't know how to properly link like other bloggers so this the best that I can do...sorry

Now I always told myself that it's because I work outside of the home that I'm not as organized as I'd like. Now I know others can manage but I just need time to focus. So now that I'm a stay-at-home mom I guess I better get started. I found this article on a website called, appropriately enough, Get Organized. So the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Hi, My Name is Julie and I'm a pack rat! That said, I think I'll read this article, enjoy another cup of coffee and contemplate when this life-changing event should take place....

Organizing on a Shoe String

You don't have to have the latest organizing containers or gadgets on the market to get and stay organized. Here are 7 simple ways you can get organized on a shoe string.

1. Get in the box. While I usually recommend plastic containers for storage, there's certainly nothing wrong with using plain, cardboard boxes you have sitting around the house. As long as they're in good condition, they have not been in contact with food, and you carefully label each side of the box, these are great tools for helping you store things. You can even cover them with craft paper or contact paper or have your kids decorate them to jazz them up a bit.

2. Baby, oh baby. If you have a baby, or know someone that has a baby, you may have a plethora of creative storage possibilities on your hands. Empty baby wipe containers are perfect for storing things like first aid, crayons or spools of thread. Clean, empty baby food jars are excellent for holding small items such as thumb tacks, paper clips or buttons. Changing tables can later be converted to shelves for toys or books.

3. Days gone by. Do a simple search on the Internet, and you'll be able to find many variations of complimentary calendars available to print out yourself. If you don't want you, you don't have to ever buy another calendar again.

4. Hook, line and sinker. One of the most inexpensive ways to get organized is to make use of hooks. You can pick up dozens at your local hardware store and use them to hang a variety of items such as pots, mugs, tools, jewelry and keys. Some hooks are suction-cup hooks that can be attached to mirrors or refrigerators. There are lots of self- adhesive hooks on the market too.

5. Shop your local rummage sale. Don't discount the possibilities of finding some great storage tools at local rummage sales. A friend of mine picked up a mug holder for a quarter that she uses to organize silk scarves. Another person I know found an old storage chest that she refinished. It looks like new and she only paid $20 for it. She uses it to store quilts and throws in her family room.

6. Add some French flair. French memo boards are perfect for holding event tickets, photos, coupons, grocery lists and more. Buy an inexpensive one at your local superstore or make one yourself with corkboard, fabric and ribbon.

7. Shop in your fridge. Once you're done with food containers like margarine tubs and jelly jars, clean them out thoroughly and use them to store anything from hair accessories, to small kitchen items like corn cob holders and spreaders, to extra batteries.

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Super Mom said...

Hi. My name is Barbara and I am a pack rat.

Well, my husband calls me a hoarder.

We vacationed recently and we ordered room service. The dinners came with these really neat small sized glass jars of mustard, ketchup and mayo. My eyes lit up. He read my mind. He said, I don't want to catch you putting that stuff in your suitcase.

I tried to walk away. I really did. But those small condiments plus an abundance of little shampoos and soaps did get stashed in my son's suitcase.

My deal is we paid for it. Why be wasteful and throw it away?

I tried. I really tried. It's an addiction.