Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to School

Bienvenuto Amici,

So the boys started back to school this morning; looking more mature than I'd prefer. This year my oldest son has to ride a bus to school since he begins his high school career today (sniff!) He's up at 5:30 to catch a bus at 7:00? He got his shower last night. He doesn't have to curl his hair, put on make-up, check out his butt a few hundred times in the new jeans he's wearing. So I have no idea why he was up that early. But even more confusing was my younger son's decision to get up with him. He walks to school. He's the king of the middle school this year. He doesn't leave the house until 7:45. Might be the excitement of the first day back. Might be jitters. Or more accurately, they thought they could loiter about the school for an hour or so before having to go inside. WRONG! Mama's home now. And that ain't gonna happen. That's when trouble starts. I'm sure that tomorrow when given the choice of sleeping a little longer or pouting about the house because they're not allowed to leave yet they'll make a more informed decision.

Speaking of getting ready for things....As of last Saturday there are only 4 months until Christmas. Scary thought I know. But, I could start playing my music today and be in the mood in about 3 seconds. Nunnie's Attic is pleased to announce our "Deck the Halls" sale. Everything in the attic is already marked down 20% everyday. But from Sept 1 - Sept 30 you can save an additional 10% off simply by including this coupon code: santa. So take a peak inside the attic and see what treasures you can find.


Counting Your Blessings said...

When I dropped my 9 year old off for his first day last week, I remember thinking that he faced had that "deer in the headlights" look. I felt so sad leaving him there looking a bit scared. But, alas, he's settling in, making friends and has already informed me that he has no intention of "being a goodie, goodie". Oh my... Blessings, Polly

Counting Your Blessings said...

oops I meant "his face had that..." Ugh! -Polly

Super Mom said...

You're a smart mommy! Loitering = boredom. Boredom = trouble. ;-)

I'm so ready for Christmas!!