Saturday, August 25, 2007


Bienvento Amici,

My mother is a HUGE fan of dollhouses. She has made one for my niece and is working on another right now. During construction of the house her cats thought she had just made a really nice house for them to play in. Needless to say they were a little perturbed when the doors and windows were in place and they could no longer roam freely throughout the house.

She has written an article that I thought I would share. It's for anyone who has ever made a dollhouse, thought about it or just simply likes to look at them. Please take a minute and read her article. I'm sure that you will find it interesting. And until next time, amici: Live well, laugh often and love much.

The dollhouse is a small-scale wonder. Dollhouses go back as far as the 16 th Century. There is a big trend today in building, repairing and restoring dollhouses. Some think of dollhouses as just a little girl’s play toy. This is so far from the truth. Dollhouses today are a hobby as big as train set ups. A dollhouse can get very expensive but it can also be very practical and inexpensive. The biggest problem is deciding what kind of a dollhouse you want.

The nice thing about dollhouses is it can be anything you want. It can be a one, two or three story house. It can be modern or traditional. It can be a log cabin or southern mansion. It can even be historical such as Lincoln’s Springfield home. Or it can be that home you always dreamed of having.

Once you have decided on the house you want, that is when the real fun starts. There are so many places and resources to go to for help. One place I’ve found was Hobby Builders Supply. This place has furniture, accessories, anything and everything you would be looking for. One of the reasons I love going there is to look at are all the little things that put the finishing touches to your home like dishes, food or potted plants. They also have a wish list; this I like because your friends and family can find out things you want and need and can get them for you. Another place is the magazine Nutshell News. This place has so many great ideas. One of the features I especially like is “Crafting tips from readers"; here you can find neat things that you can make from things you have in your home. For example save your coffee grounds to use for dirt in your yard or garden. Spray Grapenuts cereal the color of your favorite rose, glue to stems and make a rose bush. There are lots of thing you can do to make your house personal. I am most passionate about framed pictures and prints of all kind. Nothing finishes off a room like that perfect picture you find to hang on the wall. Try putting a picture of your family or your children on the wall.

When your house is finished, put it out for display. Just like your real home you want to fix it up for all the different holidays and for the different seasons. Do to your dollhouse whatever you would do for your own house. Sometimes you can decorate your dollhouse the way you would like to for your home but cannot afford to.

A dollhouse built by you is something that will bring you great joy everyday of your life.

Everyone who comes into your home, before they go, will want to see your dollhouse to see what new items you have added or how it looks for that time of the season.

If you are thinking of building a dollhouse I hope this article has been of some help to you.

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