Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall Wreath

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School is starting soon. The leaves are just beginning to change. Fall will be here before you know it. Decorating for autumn has always been a favorite of ours. The colors are so vibrant - orange, yellow, red. Decorating for the entire "season" rather than just for Halloween or Thanksgiving lets you enjoys those harvest colors from September through December. Below is a quick decorating tip from Kathleen Wilson that won't be hard on the wallet.

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Project: Fall Wreath

Here's an easy way to make an inexpensive wreath for your door! You can also use a wreath flat on a table,(fill with candles, don't allow anything to touch flame!) over a fireplace, or over your bed!

Materials needed:

Grapevine wreath


Silk garland

Dried flowers

Glue Gun

Floral Wire or wire bag closures

Use pieces of wire to secure the leaf garland to the wreath all the way around. If you have excess garland, cut it to fit. It is easier to insert the wire through the wreath near the edges. I use the wire twisties from garbage bags as a low cost alternative to floral wire. Secure it with wire about every 6 inches.

Use a single piece of raffia to tie a bunch in a little twist shape. Then wire the twists to the wreath. I like using three to five bunches and wiring them equal distances apart. You can just use one large bunch if you wish, or many smaller ones, it's your wreath!

I took dried flowers from my garden and simply poked them into the wreath. It doesn't take much, and if you can't get them from your garden, you can get them from the craft store quite cheaply.

Added a small birdhouse with a glue gun, and voila! Beautiful wreath for your door for very little money, very little time, and a lot of creativity!

I always encourage you to try your own materials, and discover within yourself a personal style. Trying a simple and quick project can give you the confidence to show yourself and everyone around you that you really can do it with Creativity, Not Cash!

Kathleen Wilson

Budget Decorator

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